Birth Name




Works at the Movie Theater




Favorite Food:

Favorite Beverage:

Favorite Candy:

Favorite Dessert:

Favorite Color: Green


Benjamin is more obnoxious, sarcastic, and loud than most characters. As such he can have the ten dance to be very annoying. Unfortunately, this can give him a bad reputation as person, Though Benjamin prefers to label himself as just being cool and just being himself. He still has this other side of personality which is being very sarcastic, loud, brave, friendly,, lazy when convenient, and athletic.


Benjamin is about 5 feet tall and 10 inches tall. With black hair, has brown eyes. and He is rather thin and sometimes wears glasses on his face, giving a rather studious look, He wears earth tone colors which gives a rather calming look to his appearance. He also wears brown shoes with his clothing.


Sandi Daniels- Benjamin little sister

Richard Daniels- Benjamin`s father

Alison Daniels- Benjamin`s mother ( Deceased)


Zack Sims- Benjamin`s Good Friend

Jonah Peterson- Benjamin`s Best Friend

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