Birth name

Cedric Tierney Sims


Ced by his brother, Cedro, Cede, Cedrik, Caddaric, Nerd, Brain Man.







Favorite Food:

Favorite Beverage:

Favorite Candy:

Favorite Dessert:

Favorite Color: Black



Ability to transport through time, Highly Intelligent, photographic memory and childish.

Occupation: Works at the decade store part time.

Physical Appearance

Cedric is a Caucasian male with dirty-blond hair.

He has some freckles on his face, has a thin body frame with brown eyes.

While sometimes,

Can see to have a thin waist and his face shape is more a ovular shape.

He wears sometimes wears a black jacket or wearing a watch on his wrist so he can transport to the future or the past along with black pants and black black shoes.


has fascination of exploring some time periods like the Elizabethan era or sometimes visiting other time periods.

He is likes to keep things tidy either in the classroom or at home. He is in the top of class at school. Only seems to talk people he has know along time like his brother or other times only talks when others initiate the conversation to he by going up to him and speaking to him. He loves to observe things around him like people or the world around him. He is really friendly to those around, is super supportive to his brother Zack when he sees he is going through a hard time. Likes to put his best foot forward in all the situations he is in. He is sometimes sensitive when it comes to certain situations whether in school or with brother. He is the second Protagonist in the story and also a main character.

Character History


Zack Sims- Cedric`s older twin brother. Sometimes he may not get along with brother. but they do share a strong friendship together.

Anna Sims- Cedric`s Mother (Deceased)

Adean Sims- Cedric`s Father( Deceased)

Daniel Sims- Cedric`s Grandfather

Ealga Sims- Cedric`s Grandmother


Gabriela Richardson- Have been friends for many years. They even have gone to the same kindergarten together.

Rachel Jackson- Cedric`s friend.

Robert Jackson- Cedric`s best friend. He sometimes sees him at the library.

Emily Richards- One of Cedric`s Good Friends that he occasionally sees sometimes like at the cafe or at the movie theater.

Emily Stevenson-Zack`s girlfriend and one of Cedric`s good friends

Romantic Interests

Gabriela- Cedric`s first girlfriend. They dated in middle school and ended their relationship before they both entered in High School.

Natalya Peterson- Cedric`s love interest.