Is known as supportive, brave, stubborn, gentle and affectionate and , courageous. Emily is helping others when they are going through tough times. She likes to do things that most people scared of doing. She is affectionate when it comes to her boyfriend Zack. She is also stubborn when it comes to doing things in a certain fashion like doing her homework or showing up to class on time.


Emily Is about 5 feet tall and 6 inches tall, has a thin body and a wide waist with a roundish face, with full lips with dirty-blond hair. She mainly wears colorful clothing or other times is wearing different colors like rainbow colors with black or brown shoes. She is s transporter and travels through time. Which is not allowed at the school she is at. That is why she has to transfer to the Transporters and Sky walkers school later on in the story. and is also the protagonist in the story and also a main character.

Skills: Intelligence



Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Food: Eggplant salad

Favorite Beverage: Grape Smoothie

Favorite Candy: purple grape gummy bears

Favorite Dessert: Concord Grape pie.


Jane Stevenson- Emily`s Mom

Nicole Stevenson- Emily`s Aunt

Jason Stevenson- Emily`s Dad(Deceased)


Natalya Peterson- Emily`s Best Friend

Cedric Peterson- Emily`s Good Friend

Emily Richards- Emily`s Good Friend

Romantic Interests-

Zack Sims- Emily`s Boyfriend