Birth Name

Gabriela Zuri Richardson



Favorite Food:

Favorite Beverage:

Favorite Candy:

Favorite Dessert:

Favorite Color: Red


Gabby, Gab bear,

Ella, Gabi, Gabbs




She can be described as smart, naive, absent-minded, and a genius. She can be seeing naive by the way she has conversations with her friends or family. She be forgetful by sometimes leaving her belongings at school like say for example like leaving her backpack in the classroom. She is a genius because she always do well on her homework for school.


She is tall, has dark curly, sometimes wearing a her hair in a ponytail or wearing a watch on her wrist. She can be seeing brown or turquoise blue clothing with black clothing. Has brown eyes with a mocha skin tone.


Jasmin Richardson- Gabriela`s Mother

Anthony Richardson- Gabriela`s Father


Zack Sims- Gabriela`s friend

Cedric Sims- Gabriela`s friend

Natalya Peterson- Gabriela`s friend

Romantic Interests

Zack Sims- Gabriela`s first love interest

Cedric Sims- Gabriela`s first boyfriend

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