Birth name

Zachary Cian Sims




Favorite Food:

Favorite Beverage:

Favorite Dessert:

Favorite Candy:

Favorite Color: Orange




Can be lazy when comes to doing schoolwork or showing up to places on time. He likes to pull pranks on his teacher or on brother when they at home since they go to two different high schools in different cities. He is sometimes sent to the principals office at his school when his pranks become too extreme. At home relies on his brother to do his school work for him instead of doing it himself. Then when he turns his homework in at school he gets an low grade for assignment and the teacher sometimes asks why he could not the homework after looking at his work. He is really good in sports. Can sometimes be insensitive to other people`s feelings.He his also good at telling jokes when talking in conversation. Is also a main character in the story.


He is about 5 feet and 8 inches. Has dirty-blond hair, Sometimes wears brown or dark blue shirts with midnight black sneakers that he usually wears on his feet. He is a transporter like his brother but he does not use his ability in a responsible way like his brother Cedric. Later on because of him having this power he has to switch schools to where he goes to the same school as his brother.


Cedric Sims-Zack`s younger twin brother.Sometimes he does not get along with brother but overall they have a friendly relationship.

Anna Sims- Zack`s Mother (Deceased)

Zack`s Father Deceased.


Gabriela Richardson- Zack's`s Friend

Robert Jackson- Zack`s Friend

Benjamin Daniels- Zack`s Good Friend

Emily Richards- Zack`s Good Friend

Romantic Interests-

Gabriela Richardson- Zack`s first love interest

Rachel Jackson- They dated for only for a month

Emily Stevenson- Zack`s Girlfriend.

Character History:

Zack and Cedric Sims were born on June 13th on Sunday at 6:40pm in